Hudson Holdings Presentation at St. Paul’s Epispocal Church

Hudson Holdings is not just a good corporate citizen, it’s a good neighbor. For the past 4 years, and most notably the past two years, Hudson Holdings has been working on plans for the development of this very important parcel of nearly 7 acres of property located at the center of Delray Beach, the s/w/c of Atlantic and Swinton Avenues. Naturally, the congregants of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church have an interest in the developments progress and status, given its proximity to the project.

St. Paul’s Church is directly adjacent to the Sundy House, which is also, by natural extension, part of the Midtown Delray Beach project. Midtown Delray Beach has evolved extensively as Hudson Holdings has met with various constituencies, local groups, and organizations, both civic and city related. In late April, Steven Michael, co-founder/principal of Hudson Holdings, and his development team, comprising Project Manager/architect, John Szerdi, along with Rick Gonzalez, of REG Architects, one of the state’s top historic architectural firms, were invited to present the project to the St. Paul congregants, it’s Vestry and Real Estate Committee.

The development team presented the project to a packed house, including a number of city pioneers, a former city commissioner and Mayor Cary Glickstein. Sandy Simon, whose family legacy dates to the earliest days of Delray Beach, when dirt roads bisected Atlantic Avenue leading toward the ocean, offered an introduction of the development team to the audience.

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