A view of the Midtown Delray Beach Project From the intersection of Atlantic Ave and Swinton Ave

A Mixed Use $130,000,000 Million Historic Renovation Project

Midtown Delray Beach

Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

What is the Midtown Delray Beach project…?

A mixed use development that would provide downtown Delray Beach with:

  • Two and three bedroom apartments
  • High-end retail boutiques
  • 60 ft. wide public, landscaped courtyard with outdoor eating restaurants
  • Class-A Office space
  • A 120-room hotel
  • Residential- Inns with amenities for extended stays
  • A 400-space underground parking facility and Valet drop-off parking service
  • Eight (8) historic structures are being fully renovated & incorporated into the
  • project, including the Cathcart House and The Rectory on Swinton
  • An attractive pedestrian streetscape along Swinton Avenue with water features and landscape areas
  • 60’ wide public pedestrian walkway to Atlantic





How would the Swinton Commons project benefit the community….?

  • 1,698 direct and indirect jobs will be created during construction
  • Over 400 permanent, full new jobs will be created in the hospitality, retail, and office sector;
  • City’s current property tax base will expand from $343,000 dollars to $2,500,000;
  • Will generate a steady increase on property and land value in West Atlantic and South Swinton neighborhood areas;
  • Future Grant Fund, created by developer, will help improve historic structures in the neighborhood;
  • Beautification of the area through the use of attractive landscaping, water features, and pedestrian walkways, combined with a visually attractive Swinton Avenue streetscape;
  • Will also be a catalyst for historic rehabilitation and attract new investment and development in the surrounding areas.


Please email your support to swintoncommons@hudsonholdings.com and we will forward it to City Commision members and City staff. All you need to write in your email is: “I support the Swinton Commons Project”, you may also add anything else you wish to say.